Key Cutting Dublin | Key Cutting and Types of Keys

Key Cutting Dublin| Everything you need to know about Key Cutting

This blog post will explore with all things Key Cutting Dublin. We have all been there before, ‘Oh no, I’ve lost my keys!!’ or ‘I’m locked out of my house!!’. Or that you simply need to copy a set of keys. For whatever reason you require keys to be cut, you will need to find a professional locksmith. Key cutting is one of the most common locksmith services called upon.

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How are keys cut?

Professional locksmiths will have an array of special machines to cut the type of key you need. The machine they use will depend on the type of key, and intricacy required. A locksmith’s experience and gained knowledge is important in ensuring a high standard of quality work.

  • The specific design of the original key is matched to a new blank key of the same type.
  • Whatever the machine chosen by the locksmith, it will shave the metal on the blank key.
  • The original key is used as a template, and the shaving continues until both keys are identical.

Types of Key Cutting Machines

Key cutting can machines be Manual, Automatic, Laser or code.


Standard house keys are created using a manual key cutting machine. The blank and original key are clamped one on top of the other. The locksmith manually shaves metal from the blank key guided by the pattern of the original key onto the blank key. Both keys should be identical once finished.


Automatic machines are more expensive but much faster than the manual machines. The blank and original keys are clamped independently. Using a stylus, the machine traces the pattern of the original key onto the blank key at and shaves the metal to that pattern.


Laser key cutting machines are similar to the automatic machines. They use a laser to cut the blank key rather than a blade or bit. Many modern key systems require 3D impressions on key surfaces to increase security. Laser machines are able to provide copies of these when needed.


Code machines produce a key pattern according to a code manually entered or scanned from a card. Once the code is inserted and understood. The machine will create the pattern on a blank key.

key cutting dublin

Types of Keys that you can get Cut

The type of key you want to duplicate ultimately determines the cost and complexity of the process.

Here are some of the most common key types we’re asked to cut:

  • Household Mortice Keys (Chubb)
  • Household Cylinder Keys
  • Patio Double Glazing Keys
  • Tubular Keys
  • Caravan Keys
  • Motorbike Keys
  • Non-chipped Car Keys
  • Window Keys
  • Safe Keys