Dublin locksmith: Where are lost keys usually found?

Tips on Lost Keys from a Dublin Locksmith

Fogarty Locksmiths have been around for three generations. During this time they have helped countless people in Dublin with one of life’s most difficult problems, lost keys.  Losing your car keys can be a wonderful way to ruin your day. There are countless stories of people losing their car keys. Some of the worse stories include, keys falling out of after a roller coaster in Funderland. Or worse, a man about to drive back to  Dublin after a day at the beach. Later discovering his keys are lost in the sand.   While usually lost keys have a more simple explanation and likely to be found again, when it does happen it’s nonetheless a stressful situation. Here are a few tips for when you lose your keys and on preventing it happen in the future.

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Some of these may seem obvious,but are are easy to forget when panicking over lost keys.  

 Think before you look.

Instead of panicking, first think where should it be and where is it likely to be. This will give you an idea of  specific locations to search. Lost objects tend to be in the most likely place.


Look slowly.

While it may sound obvious when you have  a proper look for something it will usually show up  When people lose things there’s always the temptation to quickly rummage through everything.  Turning over heaps of things is a good way to not notice something as a small a key.


Retrace your steps.

As you couldn’t have gotten far without your car, try retracing your steps. It’s worth noting that 15 percent of lost keys happen during shopping and one in five of lost key cases happen at work.


Buy a beeper or similar key finding accessories. 

One way to save you from all of the hassle of searching for keys  is to have a key beeper. Today there many different types of key finders and beepers. For more information on the accessories you can get contact Fogartys or see in store.


Have a Fob or Anti-locking device.

You need a key fob. A small device with build in authentication mechanisms that stores information and open your car.


Looking for a Locksmith?

Dublin Locksmith- Lost Car Keys

If you do find yourself looking for a new keys or simply want a replacement pair,  here are some things to keep in mind when looking for a Dublin Locksmith.

 Available when you need them.

 This is why it is important to have a spare set of keys or have a good idea of a locksmith you can use.  When looking for a locksmith one of the first things you should find out is if they have a 24 hours service.  Dublin Locksmith Fogarty, has a 24 hours mobile service, so if you are ever urgently need a key or related service, Fogarty Locksmiths will be there.

 Easy to find location

 Location is usually the first thing people look for when they need a locksmith. Fogarty Locksmith has a fantastic location in the Dublin city centre. Located on 80, Dame Street Fogarty Locksmith is one of the easiest locksmiths to find in Dublin.


As most people know Dublin is full of car related companies out to make a quick buck. Don’t be scammed or tricked into spending more than you should. A company with years of experience is most likely to give you a fair price. Fogarty have been securing Dublin for over 180 years, giving them a great reputation  among their customers. Making them one of the most trusted Dublin Locksmith companies.


Once you have a provider you can trust, it’s safer to stick with them for other services then finding someone unused. Ask to find out any other services your locksmith can provide.

For more information contact Fogarty and Safe Co. 

Dublin Locksmith- Car Keys