Key Fob Cloner - Fob Copy Dublin - Gate Fobs Ireland

Key fob cloner is a device which reads the original key fob chip, saves the id of the fob chip and then is scanned directly onto a blank copy fobs this saves the encrypted file on the brand new fob.Key Fob Cloner are only available to accredited locksmiths for security purposes.
Gate fobs Ireland are unique remote cloning service in which the replacement key fob for electric gate are scanned on a Sice Tech scanning device this recognises the model of the gate remote and frequency which can range from 443mhz to 886mhz. Some remotes are fixed copy which is the most common type of keyfob, others have procedures called DOR which means direct on receiver this is achieved by pairing the gate remote directly at the receiver located beside the gate.
Apartment key fobs can range in model and quality some models will have names like Paxton key fobs, Mifare, Hid and Act key fobs all of these can be copied in our Ireland's only Key fob copy kiosk located in our store based on Dame street Dublin 2.
Fob Copy Dublin is the one stop shop for key fob cloning in Dublin.

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