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Key cutting Dublin
Key cutting Dublin a service which we pride ourselves on a quick accurate duplication service

Locksmith Dublin / Locked Out

Locksmith Dublin / Locked  Out
Locked out solutions and helpful ideas

Key storage boxes

key storage box
Key storage boxes ireland are an ideal solution to a common problem involving the access to property without the need to attend or simply allow acc...

Safe Opening Ireland

Safe Opening Ireland
Fogarty lock and safe is the leading security provider in Ireland since 1834 we have trained many locksmiths throughout the years in the art of saf...

Car Locksmith Dublin – What You Can & Can't Replace

Here at Fogarty locksmiths, we provide the best service to have your car keys cut Dublin has to offer. However, this blog will explain what types of keys you cannot duplicate. While all of the key types mentioned in the previous blog are fine to cut, the following list are very difficult to duplicate.

Door Locks Dublin : How do different locks work?

Door Locks Dublin : How do locks work?

Anyone who has required the services of a locksmith might have wondered at one point in frustration; how does the lock keeping you out of your house, office or car actually work? Here is the definitive explanation of how the most common locking mechanisms operate by Fogarty Locksmiths | Door Locks Dublin :