Do you need your Apecs keys cut in Ireland?

We are Ireland's only independent Apecs prime centre which authorises our company to cut Apecs keys via the inscribed code on the key ensuring a fast and accurate key duplicating service. This not only ensures accuracy but maintains the coveted 10 year warranty and smooth operation of this sophisticated lock.


  • Apecs keys cut to code 
  • Apecs keys cut Ireland 
  • Apecs keys cut 
  • Apecs key cutting Ireland 
  • Apecs prime centre
  • Apecs Euro Cylinder provider
  • Apecs Rim Cylinders
  • Apecs Mortice Deadlock 
  • Apecs Handles and hinges
  • Apecs lubricant

Not only do we cut Apecs keys we also stock the full range of locks in our store so why change yours today and gain the peace of mind others are enjoying with their 10 year warranty.

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