Car Locksmith Dublin – What You Can & Can't Replace

Car locksmith Dublin – know what you can and can’t replicate 

Here at Fogarty locksmiths, we provide the best service to have your car keys cut Dublin has to offer. However, this blog will explain what types of keys you cannot duplicate. While all of the key types mentioned in the previous blog are fine to cut, the following list are very difficult to duplicate. 

Keys that cannot be duplicated

Security Restrictions On Some Keys

Restrictions are imposed by some manufactures to reduce unauthorised key duplication.

To address the fact that knowing keys can be easily duplicated, key manufacturers implemented certain key duplication restrictions into their products that reduces illegal key duplication and gives you peace of mind.

One way they do this is by restricting the amount of blank keys they issue. By doing this, a manufacturer can create a safe and controlled amount of blank keys for sales and distribution.

Key patents restrict other manufacturers from producing unlawful key blanks.

When looking for a car locksmith Dublin can come up with an array of professional locksmiths. Here at Fogarty locksmiths, you will be required to provide an ID if the key has a restricted key blank. This ensures the highest level of security is maintained.

Some manufactures have gone ahead and put small computer chips, magnets, different combinations of metal, or some have even disallowed duplication all together.

“Do not duplicate (DND) keys”

Mechanism manufacturers sometimes use a simple technique to avoid key duplication. This involves creating “Do Not Duplicate” (DND) keys. These keys are stamped with a “do not duplicate” imprint on the key surface.

A professional locksmith will always get in contact with the manufacturer who originally made the key to assess if they should duplicate or not. However, while this mechanism is supposed to discourage key duplication, the unauthorized copying of DND keys is still a security problem.

Keys which have electronic components or movable mechanisms present upon the key blank offers the best security and are difficult or impossible to duplicate.

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