Keys Cut Dublin | Fast Key Cutting | Safe Key Cutting

Keys are avilable in all variants and forms we pride ourselves on not only having thre largest stock range available on the market but also the most advanced machines which accurately cut each key.

  • Dimple keys are primarily used in commercial applications and have registration  cards which allow only the main user to obtain key thus reducing the risk of a security breach regarding too many duplicates
  • Safe keys have advanced over the years initially they were single sided keys and nowadays they have a double side component  and are available in lever upto 11 this increases  the security level. At  Fogarty's we have invested in a machine called the Silca Idea machine this is a laser machine which autmatically cuts safe keys and mortice keys to factory  level specification.
  • Cylinder keys are most common key on the market place used in both homes, commercial and auto applications,
  • Keys by code again we have invested in this area with both dimple and cylinder machines which automatically produce a key  to the certain code either found on the  face of the lock or on the barrell itself.



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