Abloy Electric lock repair and replacement

Abloy Electric locks are the most sophisticated high security locks in the world comprising of myriads of applications for both domestic and commercial specifications.

At Fogarty's we have been an Abloy main dealer for over 30 years based in the centre on the city centre we can cater to your many requirements let it be repairing Abloy locks or simply replacing them, we believe in recycling and repairing would be our primary focus, with that in mind we carry in stock all the Abloy components to get your lock back to its best.

Abloy Electric lock repair is the most cost effective option and can be beneficial for apartment complexs where there can be multiple Abloy locks fitted, the most common fault is the solenoid this would primarily cause the lock to main in the open position.

Always when fitting or specifying for Abloy installation we would recommend using an Abloy main dealer network to give you peace of mind and assurance in a quality fit out.


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