Bike Theft and Bike Security

The rise in bike theft
The number of cyclists on the road has been on the increase for several years, due to cycling sporting events gaining popularity and the move to a greener society. Through circumstance and also changing times cycling has become an even more popular activity for improving our lifestyles and wellbeing. However, this rise in popularity has unfortunately been accompanied by a similar rise in bike theft.

How can I secure my bike? explains that there is the risk that criminals will benefit from poor locks and a lack of knowledge to what good cycle security looks like. Gardai recommends to use Sold Secure approved locks to ensure their quality. They also recommend using at least two different locks to ensure a good

What is Sold Secure and Secured by Design?
Sold Secure is a scheme dedicated to reducing the risk of crime by evaluating and certifying security products through manual break-in tests. Insurance companies often require bicycles to be locked using only Sold Secure certified locks.
Burg-Wächter has a wide bicycle security range that is fully certified by Sold Secure, as well as being 'Police Approved'. This certification comes from the Secured by Design initiative, which focuses on crime prevention and promotes the use of safety standards.


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