Gate Fobs Ireland

Gate Fobs Ireland

Gate fobs  are an electrical device which emits a specific frequency with an encrypted coding whcih is assigned to the receiver control mounted directly or with proximity of the controlled device.

Supply Gate Fobs

We supply Gate fobs in Ireland the brand we use is a universal remote control called Sice tech these gate remotes copy the frequency and coding from  the original creating a direct clone of the original

Repair Gate Fobs and Gate Remotes

We repair gate fobs by soldering the points on the buttons or replacing the buttons completely other common problems can occur with the points which connect the battery casing to the mother board we repair  these also.

Install Gate Fobs

We install  replacement receivers on shutters, gates and roller doors this is normally requested when the customer loses all their remotes or have an  encrypted or obselete.


As always we hope you find our blogs useful if  you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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