GU Multipoint Lockcases

Gu multipoint lockcases are commonly fitted to composite aluminum and pvc door they have a metal strip which moves either rollers hooks or deadlocks when activating via lifting the handle on the door.They ultimately provide resistance against burglary by interlocking at strategic points on the door which inturn have receivers which allow the points to engage thus the door is securely locked.

3 point locking mechanisms are effective against noise and draft however the strength of the product is determined on the euro cylinder which is fitted to the mechanism at Fogartylocksmiths we recommend fitting a three star euro cylinder which protects the door from drilling,picking,bumping and snapping.

When replacing a multi point lockcase its is important to measure the backcase which is the depth of the lock this is achieved by measuring the edge of the door to the centre of the euro cylinder. Next you must measure the centre of the cylinder to the centre of the handle these are the two main measurements.

Another useful tip is to check the front of the lockcase there should be a model or manufacturer name common types would be Gu Lockmaster Abloy Kfv and Rationnel.

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