Safe and Vaults Opening Technician

Safes secure documents, valuables and cash they provide security to the end user allowing peace of mind, most safes are operated via electronic safe locks and manual safe locks.

In the event of a mechanical safe being locked out or keys mislaid we provide a safe opening service like no other, we gain access to the safe via specialised safe picking tools to manipulate the safe lock thus opening  the safe and provide new keys while maintining the integrity of the safe with no damage inflicted.

If a electronic safe is locked out or the customer has forgotten the code of the safe again we have unique tools to gain entry to the safe, specifically we attach a black decoding encryption box to the existing lock.

This device generates many thousand codes at record speed to recover the original code of the safe thus opening the safe without any damage which allows the customer to reuse their safe.

In the event of a broken safe key we have a machine created by Silca called there Idea Safe key cutting machine this machine allows the key to be laser read and it can generate an image on file of the key to be cut. If there is a broken piece of safe key the programme allows the manipulation of the cuts thus entering a higher cut which can be cut to size to suit the lock.

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