Safe Engineers

We at Fogarty locksmiths are delighted to inform you that our Safe Engineers have the specialist safe opening devices to gain entry to any locked out safe.

So if you find you have lost your safe key, forgot the combination to open the safe.We can gain entry in a non intrusive way since our company has been operating in this industry since 1834 you can be safe in the knowledge and competency of our staff.

Timelocks locked out not a problem we can resolve the issue with our state of the art fast entry systems.

Combinaton dial on safe stuck or not functioning properly we have full stock of electronic safe locks, timelocks and time delay locks for Safes these have additional features such as audit trails.

Our safe showrooms are dedicated to customer  focus with most models from drop Safes, Document Safes and Eurograde safe.

Why choose us? We are one of the first locksmiths and safe Engineers in Ireland teaching many others the art of safe opening throughout the years.

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