Smart Locks Ireland

Smart locks the future in keyless entry

A smart lock is fast becoming the standard replacement for traditional locks, they all users to finally connct their home to other smart devices on the market. Smart locks allows  the user to monitor who is entering and leaving the home or business giving passive access to claners Airbnb guests and family members.
The main factor in deciding which smart lock suits you requirements is the cost of upgarde and compatibility with other device now and into the future.
Many smart locks offer a smart mobile app which communictaed with the lock via bluetooth or wifi connectivity, many are also incorporating aapp  which details an daily weekly and monthly audit of activity  regarding the lock.


Smart locks are user friendly and have been designed for minimal installation purposs which empowers the user in efficient cost effective install with the need for costly contractors. Most locks have retrofit capabilities and can be fitted and connected within minutes

Smart lock types

  • Fingerprint / biometric function
  • Digital entry
  • Remote fob
  • Access  fob
  • Voice command


At Fogarty lock and Safe we are the leading providor of locks since 1834 drop in sote or buy smart locks online.


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