Are You Looking for a Professional Locksmith in Dublin?

Are you in need of a professional locksmith in Dublin? Would you like to be in the secure hands of a company that has extended over three family generations? WIth Fogarty Locks, you get both of these. Having been established back in 1834, we are a family-operated business with over one hundred and eighty years of quality experience in the lock and security business. To find out a bit more about us and what services we can provide for you, take a look at the various contact details listed below.

When you come to Fogarty Locks, there are a variety of services which you can utilise - from simple key cutting and lock repair services, to commercial locking systems and a variety of safe systems, there is so much available. We also are more than happy to offer a twenty-four hour response to emergencies, namely for lockout services. 

If you would like to browse through a list of all we have to offer, our about us page gives a complete rundown for your ease. When it comes to being a professional locksmith in Dublin, with Fogarty Locks you know you are getting a quality product and experience. We are PSA - Private Security Authority Registered Locksmiths - and we take the business of your security seriously.

There is a reason why locksmiths are a vital part of our society - in the modern age, you want to be certain that when you leave your homes and cars, they are secure for your peace of mind. If you have a special someone who you would like to share a new key with, or have lost yours and need a timely replacement made up for you, they are there for you. When it comes to professional locksmiths in Dublin, you can be rest assured that Fogarty Locks takes your needs seriously.

If you are looking for someone to fulfill all your professional locksmith needs in Dublin, and you want the best, then Fogarty Locks is the company for you. We have a variety of different contact options, for your ease. If you would like to call us and discuss our services, we have two contact numbers: our telephone is: +353 01 677 1961 and our mobile is: +353 (0) 87 936 5715. For any general enquires or questions, we have a dedicated team of customer service representatives, that will be happy to help you. You can also either e-mail us at, or use our simple and convenient enquiry form on our website.