Have You Been Looking for a Locksmith in Dublin 2?

Are you in need of a new safe? Then you have come to the right place. Welcome to Fogarty Locksmiths. We are an Irish, family-run business, which was founded over 180 years ago. Ever since we were set up in 1834, we have built up a wealth of experience in the locks and security industry. By working with us, you can be confident in knowing, you will be provided with nothing less than a world-class service by our locksmiths in Dublin 2. If you would like any more information regarding the services we offer, please do not hesitate to get in contact with our team.

Here at Fogarty Locksmiths, we offer unique, highly skilled and expert locksmith services in Dublin 2, which are tailored to address each individual customer’s specific needs, requirements and demands. As a business, we are known to be a team of the best locksmiths in the whole of Dublin, as we are continuously improving our renowned services and as we strive to supply a range of affordable security equipment solutions to each of our customers. Fogarty Locksmiths only provides customers with top-quality expertise that is second to none in relation to lock repairs, maintenance and installation and more.

Some of the popular items we sell in our store are our range of home and business safes. Our safes are made by the leading brands that can provide you with protection for your valuables and cash. Further to this, all the safes we stock, as locksmith in Dublin 2, are approved by most insurance firms. Having a safe in the home is very important because having the thought of being burgled or having a fire and losing your precious items is terrible. For this reason, all our safes are solid and fire-rated too, so no matter when an unfortunate event occurs, you can be sure your valuables will be safe and secure.

Gadgets such as tablets and laptops, or documents like house deeds, or family heirlooms and jewellery are all expensive items and can often be very difficult to replace. Even though some of these items can be insured, the process of claims and recovery can often be tedious, but personal items like a family heirloom can never be replaced, which makes having a safe very important. The benefits of a safe clearly outweigh the costs, when you factor in the loss of those items. For this reason, as locksmith in Dublin 2, we often tell customers not to think about the cost of safes, but to think about the value of items they can protect when an unexpected disaster happens.

Therefore, if looking for a new safe, then come to our locksmith shop in Dublin 2. At Fogarty Locksmiths, we have many years of experience in helping a customer choose the right type of safe for their homes or business, and we are sure we can help you too. The address for our store is 80 Dame Street, Dublin 2, Ireland. However, if you would like further information about our safes before you come in, get in touch with us on +353 01 677 1961, or send us an email on info@fogartylocksmiths.com